It is undeniable, but so far, 2020 probably has not gone as most businesses planned. For many, it has been a challenging year, and more like a nightmare. However, the key to recovery is to ensure you make the most of what you have available. Although your plans must have gone to waste, you can still use the time you have to give your business the attention it needs. For business owners who are wondering about how they should manage things, we have taken the time to put some tips together. As you read through below, you will find out about how our accountancy in Slough will help your business. Our accountants can give you some ideas on how to recover from the loss in tough times like today. Our ideas will take your business through the recovery path, and make your goals achievable.

Can You Get Funding to Manage Cash Flow?

As soon as you map out your business path ahead, you have to consider the possible ways that will address possible cash flow shortfalls. Other than available lines of credit, such as credit cards, overdrafts, bank loans, and others, you can also consider various government measures. Our accountant in Slough will guide you on the channels that will help your business. From rate relief to bounce back loans, you can make yourself familiar with available options for your circumstances. With the right information, you can apply for a loan that will help you ahead.

You Cannot Dodge VAT and Other Taxes

With the nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is quite unpredictable to know how your business will bounce back. To top it up, there is the certainty of taxes. In your business recovery plan, you have to squeeze in tax payments. Planning for your tax liabilities is going to be a serious matter. For VAT in 2021, the deadline is the 31st Match. Hence, it is best to think about it right now. HMRC has also scaled up the Time to Pay service, and the rate of corporation tax remains frozen at 19% for the next financial year.

You Need Legal and Tax Advisors

The road to recovery will be a bumpy ride, but you can still move ahead. We have been helping business owners by ensuring they have a better ride to recovery. Planning is important to move again and with the right boost, you can grow your business efficiently. Our accountancy in Slough has skilled accountants, who will provide you with expert advice to move in the best direction.

We have specialists who will provide you with accounts and legal advice, help with financial forecasting, and business planning strategies. Our policy is, to be honest, and open with you about our structure. Our expert accountants in Slough will help you set up the best software for your business, set up a reporting system, and teach you how to use it.

At Interface Accountancy, we can help your business grow even in tough times. For more assistance, further inquiries, or any information, please contact us now. You can call us at 07814 888 580, or reach out to us via email at

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