For any business, whether small or large-sized, payroll accounting is a crucial aspect. For some businesses, it can be time-consuming and often a daunting task. What makes it challenging is the fact that there are some continuously changing payroll regulations in London. It becomes a challenge to manage payroll as such. If you find this to be a hassle and lack the right resources, rest assured that, our accountant in Windsor or Slough can help you manage the entire process.

As an employer or a business owner in the UK, it is possible that you have to operate as Pay As You Earn (PAYE) as a part of payroll. The HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) uses this system to collect income Tax along with National Insurance Contributions from earning employees. Every month, you have to pay and report to the HMRC. We understand that this is not easy. Consider our services and hire us for your payroll to save more of your valuable time.

At Interface Accountancy, we will provide you with good support for the payroll production of your business. Usually, people worry about the cost of outsourcing payroll, but with us, we guarantee that your time will be worth it. Hire our professional accountants in London who have many years of experience in-house. We offer affordable prices to help you manage your business. With our help, you will be able to sit back and focus on other areas of your business. This should also save you more time. We will also manage other areas like bookkeeping, managing company accounts, and more.

Services Included

  • 1. Employee payslips

  • 2. Monthly summaries

  • 3. Completion of P45’s for leavers

  • 4. PAYE returns for HMRC

  • 6. Pension auto-enrollment