WFH expenses in PAYE codes

PAYE codes that have been altered for claims made online for working from home (WFH) expenses of £6 per week will not be carried forward to the following year, but those made through self-assessment will.

Due to covid requirements to work from home if practicable, many employees qualified for these charges in 2020/21 and 2021/22. However, by 2022/23, the vast majority will no longer be eligible. The expenses have been eliminated from the 2022/23 PAYE codes for non-self-assessment employees as part of the annual coding procedure. However, employees who filed a self-assessment return, the auto-coding procedure is determined by what is claimed on their self assessment return.

If the employee is not eligible, he or she should contact HMRC and request that the expense be deleted from the tax code. If they don’t, the coding will be changed when their next self-assessment return is received, and their entire tax liability for the year will be computed using self-assessment.

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